Healthy Recipes for Quinoa

Hello dear reader, it’s the month of hearts and I know you want to serve something different, something attractive, something exciting to your loved ones. Well you know what? Quinoa may be the best suggestion you will ever have.

Puzzled? You need not be; here are some basic facts about Quinoa and why it is an answer to the question on what hearty meal to serve on Valentine’s Day or any other day…

Quinoa is a healthy food, a leafy plant whose seeds are made into grains, which is packed in nutrients that is good for the body, good for the mind, and good for the heart. It is friendly to vegetarians because it is one of those rare veggies you get protein from. It is rich in fiber, and is a good source of calcium. It is also packed with good carbs and Vitamin E. Talk about getting fit and looking fab during Valentines!

Now let’s get down to business – Quinoa can be served in any meal. I’m talking about not only of dish, but the time of the day as well. Have it in breakfast as a cereal. Serve your lunch with Quinoa soup as appetizer. Delight your guests during dinner with Quinoa on your salad. Or just simply serve Quinoa as substitute to rice. You may also want to try cooking Meatball Spaghetti using Quinoa pasta and serving it with garlic Quinoa bread.

Quinoa comes in different shapes and sizes, as gluten-free flour, in whole grains, as cereal flakes, in thin slices of pasta or as bread. It is also available in a variety of colors and distinct flavors.

White Quinoa, which is the most common, has the softest texture and a buttery flavor – more like rice. Serve it as is, simmered whole grains, in partner with baked oysters or any of your favorite viand. There are lots of recipes for Quinoa, and the white grain variant.

If you are looking for something excellent in cold salads, try the red variation of Quinoa. Because of the color, it will add beauty to the bowl, along with the green vegetables, the translucent onions, the browned garlic and nuts and the white or pinkish salad dressing. Of course, red Quinoa is not only good in salads; be sure to try other recipes for this variety, too.

Of the three, if you want something strong in taste, something more adventurous, a flavor which is reminiscent of caviar, then try serving salted black Quinoa. This will surely surprise your diners and is guaranteed by chefs to be a fine and exquisite dining experience. That’s just some basic trick. Learn more about recipes for Quinoa below.

Be sure to not only be able to serve this healthy tasty treat this Valentines…and you don’t even need to wait for Thanksgiving or Christmas. All you have to do is look up and jot down some recipes, buy Quinoa and cook and serve it every day in your home.


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