Ice Cream-A Frozen Dessert

Ice-cream recipes is a frozen dessert. It is made from dairy products like milk, cream etc. It is available in different flavors. Fruits and other ingredients are added for making flavors. Custard is the main ingredient used for making ice cream. In the early days, before the development of modern refrigeration system, ice was cut from lakes and ponds in winters and stored in holes in the ground, or in wooden frame or brick ice houses, insulated by straw. Ice was cut and stored in winter for the use in summer. It was preserved for special occasions. It also contains more amount of calcium which helps in loosing weight.

Ice cream is liked by all age group weather kids or adults. It is a popular dessert available ready to eat at grocery stores, ice cream parlors etc. It is available in different flavors like vanilla, strawberry, black current, butter scotch, chocolate etc. It is a sweet, frozen dessert. The invention of refrigerators during mid 20th century meant perishable goods could be kept for long period. There are various types of ice creams available around the world, some of them are,

Gelato– Gelato is the Italian form of frozen dessert. This soft, frozen Italian dessert is a lot more dense and flavorful than other types of ice cream, because it has less air than normal one.

Mochi– It is also a form comes from Japan. This dessert comes in the form of sphere with ice cream in the middle and a shell that is similar to dough in texture.

Kulfi– It is the Indian form of frozen dessert. It is unique from other ones in that it is not whipped, making it much more dense and rich than other ice creams.

Sorbets– Sorbets is the Philippines form of frozen dessert. It is generally sold by man paddling a cart. It is normally served in cones but it is also eaten as filling bread buns like an ice cream sandwich.

It also comes in various forms like brick family pack, cone, cup, sandwich, sundae, candy etc. Other popular ice cream desserts are ice cream sodas made by adding a serving spoon or two of ice cream and flavored syrup to sparkling water, Ice cream novelties such as ice cream bars, sandwiches and ice creams on stick, ice cream sundaes. Ice cream is also used as topping for a warm dish for making it more delicious like adding vanilla ice cream to warm apple pie is a sure dessert hit.


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